Bristol County Commissioners’ Office
9 Court Street, Room 48
Taunton, MA  02780
508-824-9681  f. 508-821-3101

Paul B. Kitchen – Commissioner
John R. Mitchell – Commissioner
John T. Saunders – Commissioner
-Questions for the County Commissioners should be emailed to
Maria V. Gomes – County Administrator
Jennifer A. Sullivan, Clerk of Courts

Bristol County Treasurer’s Office
9 Court Street, Room
Taunton, MA  02780
508-824-4028  f. 508-880-5864 

Christopher T. Saunders – Treasurer
Lisa Rogers, Director of Accounting

Bristol County Registers of Deeds
Barry J. Amaral, Register, Northern District Registry of Deeds
Sherrilynn M. Mello, Register, Southern District Registry of Deeds
Bernard J. McDonald, Register, Fall River District

Bristol County Agricultural High School
Adele Sands, Superintendent/Director

Bristol County Print Shop
25 No. Sixth Street
New Bedford, MA  02740